Wednesday, April 9, 2008

You Now Have the Chance to Study Pensacola's Budget

This weekend, I wrote a post about Escambia County’s effort to cut their payroll spending. Due to the city’s budget woes, I concluded that they should consider doing the same thing.

A skeptical reader left a comment on this post saying, “You know what the problem is with this kind of information that is presented to the public? One can not really make an actual assessment of the budget.”

Well, this reader will now get their chance to assess the city’s budget. Pensacola’s Diane Mack is assembling the Pensacola Budget Study Group which will meet independently of the city to examine their budget. You may join the group if you're a Pensacola resident and promise to attend the meetings.

I applaud Mack for taking the initiative to study the city’s budget and assess their financial situation. We need to verify that the city’s claim that they’re experiencing a budget crunch.

Is anyone planning on attending the Pensacola Budget Study Group meetings?

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