Saturday, April 5, 2008

County Trying to Cut Jobs; City Should Do the Same

I applaud Escambia County administrator Bob McLaughlin for making the push to cut county jobs. Escambia County will offer buyouts to some of its employees in a move to cut-down on their payroll spending.

In the past, I have advocated for job cuts at City Hall and offering buyouts to city employees would be the perfect way to cut spending on the city’s payroll. Plus, buyouts are less painful than layoffs.

Pensacola City Manager Tom Bonfield should look into offering buyouts to city employees.


Anonymous said...

You kwow what the problem is with this kind of information that is presented to the public? One can not really make a actual acessment of the budget. We don't have all the details. One might also think this is a scare tactic to get more tax payer dollars from the locals, which is highly unlikely as people tend to want everything for free anyway.

So, on that note:

County cutting jobs? The question is are they cutting jobs that were not needed? Were some jobs in place as a COMFORT level. You know like the person who gets you coffee.

But, the real big question is this:

Are there pandering projects that can be cut before this happens. Because let me tell you, if you got cutting working people your also going to lower the tax revenue for the area and created possibly a more serious welfare situation.

So, on a finer note perhaps they could look at contracts to see if they couuld purchase things less expensive?

Or perhaps they could re-arange the sytem they have in place to work more efficient with less people by using attrition, not lay offs or buy outs.

But simply cutting jobs in such an important venue without details may be a problem.

jeeperman said...

The buyouts are voluntary, so whats the problem?
You want to cut services and contracts instead cause more people might end up on welfare.
Yet in the same posting you wonder how many county jobs are merely "comfort jobs"?
Or welfare already in place?

Anonymous said...

Like I said, the problem is you can not make a valuable decision based on information given. And I never said cut contracts. I do think that when any company is trying to tighten it's belt it should focus on getting the best bang for it's buck. That's competitive. Are you trying to tell me jeeperman that the city or county have the least expensive contracts they could have at this moment? Or has it been looked at. Once again, without details of the budget as it sits one can only make assumptions without any thought.

jeeperman said...

Just remember, you can chose have two out of three, which to do you pick?
On time, low cost or good quality.