Thursday, April 3, 2008

IP Permit for Pipeline Should be Approved if Effluent Will Be Safe for Environment

International Paper is re-submitting their application for a permit to build a ten-mile long pipeline from their plant in Cantonment to wetlands in Perdido Bay. If built, the pipeline will carry water that has been used to make paper, and dump it into the wetlands.

The PNJ said International Paper applied for the permit to build the pipeline last year, but it was denied by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection because a judge said the “mill had not proved there would be no negative impact on the wetlands where the waste would be discharged”. In International Paper’s new application, the company said they will pay for “a $70 million upgrade to the mill's wastewater treatment system”.

Should the Florida DEP approve the new pipeline application?

They should if the effluent is truly safe for the environment around the dumping site. If the DEP can prove to the residents that live around Perdido Bay, that they will still be able to swim and fish near the effluent dumping point, then the application should be approved.


Anonymous said...

Are they still dumping/operating on an expired permit?

Chris Olson said...

Good question - from what I can gather, this new permit would allow IP to construct a new pipeline. I'm not sure if the permit for their old pipeline has experied.