Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Chris' Corner: 04 22 08

Today, I flew back to DC today from Pensacola; I just got done spending a four day vacation in the area.

I hit the Oar House and Intermissions with some friends on Friday night. Saturday, I rocked the Widespread Panic show at The Wharf in Orange Beach, AL. Sunday, I was at my brother's baby shower hosted by my parents. Yesterday, I met with Sam Hall at Panera Bread to discuss local politics. Last night, it was dinner with friends at Monterrey's and then drinks at Coyote's.

Flights were uneventful; both planes I took were half full. On the flight from Atlanta to DC, I laid out on all three seats and took a siesta.


Jessica said...

"chris' corner" :)

Chris Olson said...

Stupid Stupid Grammar