Friday, April 4, 2008

Hey McCain Protestors - I Was Wrong, You’re First Amendment Rights Weren’t Violated

Some in the PNJ forums have accused me of being too into myself. I don’t know how they can get that impression from just my writing, but whatever. I think you show true humility when you admit that you’re wrong, and I am.

The protestors that were booted from the McCain rally for refusing to take down their sign did not have their rights violated. Astute PNJ forum poster Goatman, directed me towards some Supreme Court cases that dealt with these types of possible free speech violations.

The cases got me thinking about the difference between freedom of speech on public and private property. I then thought about the situation that took place at Wednesday’s rally and asked myself: Did the rally take place on public or private property?

While the McCain rally was taking place at Hartsell Arena, the space was private property. Sure, Pensacola Junior College is a public institution and the event was free, but the McCain campaign paid to use the gymnasium. The campaign could kick anyone out of the gym if attendees refused to act the way they wanted them to act.

Protesters - even though this was a political rally, you’re first amendment rights weren’t violated.

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