Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Mike Whitehead’s Campaign Fails to Bring in as Much Money as Challenger

When it comes to raising campaign funds, Mike Whitehead is getting spanked by the candidate challenging him for the commission seat in District 1. Mark O’Brien reports in his blog that since the beginning of 2007, Wilson Robertson has taken in $40,000 more than Whitehead.

Although, in his bid for the Republican nomination, Wilson Robertson is quickly burning through money, and actually has $4,000 less in the bank than Whitehead. There’s still five months until the Republican primary. Spending all of his money could come back to haunt Wilson as the primary election draws near. If I were Wilson, I would start rebuilding my war-chest and spend less on the campaign.

But, if Robertson’s fundraising continues to out-pace Whitehead’s, he wouldn’t have to worry about refunding his campaign coffers. Plus, Mike Whitehead’s funding problems don’t look they’re going to be solved any time soon.

Whitehead received some bad press when he didn’t show up to an anniversary celebration for Myrtle Grove firefighters, and instead went golfing. Whitehead could be a lame duck if his funding problems continue until the primary.

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jeeperman said...

Is there a campaigning law that says you must report contributions within so many days of receiving them? I don't think so. Mike could be sitting on a pot of yet to be reported contributions.
Whoever gets the repub nomination in August will be the Commissioner of District 1. The Nov. election will be a formality. Or the non-repub. candidates will be persuaded to with draw before Aug. and then the repub. nom. will be elected at that point.