Sunday, April 6, 2008

Why Does International Paper Want to Move its Wastewater Pipeline?

This week, I wrote about International Paper’s efforts to get the State’s approval to move the location of their wastewater pipeline. If the pipeline’s construction is approved, the location of International Paper’s wastewater dumping site would also change.

International Paper currently disposes of its wastewater in upper Eleven Mile Creek. The new dumping point would be located downstream from the current location at the mouth of Eleven Mile Creek which flows into Perdido Bay. If the new pipeline is built, International Paper’s wastewater dumping site would not be very far from where International Paper is currently disposing of its wastewater. Their wastewater would still be dumped into the same body of water, but in a different location.

If International Paper’s new wastewater dumping site isn’t very far from the current location, why do they want to move it? It’s going to cost them $70 million to upgrade their wastewater disposal system. It just doesn’t make a lot of sense.

While the citizens of Escambia County are trying to decide if International Paper’s wastewater is safe for the environment, they should also be questioning their motives for moving their pipeline.


Anonymous said...

I hope all people in this area will see this. Matter of a fact, I am going to post this on our neighborhood board.

Keep your money grubbing waste to your self.

I am officially protesting this move.

Thank you Chris for posting this.

jeeperman said...

Maybe you should read up on the issue more.
Basically IP currently dumps it's treated wastewater into Eleven Mile Creek quite a ways upstream, a few miles. The new plan is to discharge better treated wastewater into a "man enhanced" wetlands area on the north shore of Perdido Bay. Using the wetlands as a natural filtering process.
This is the same type of process that is used for ECUA's Marcus Point PooPoo plant on the eastern shore of Perdido Bay.
The short answer is that dumping the better treated water into the man-enhanced wetlands will be better than what is done now.
But there will be efforts now to prevent and delay these improvements by others. Whom will never be satisfied until IP is closed down.
Read up on it...

Anonymous said...

I certainly will read up on it more. Matter of a fact I have ask several of the people I know to read up on it to.

Seems to me they "our city" and those beknown to them are instead of spending the funds to correct problems in thier areas choose to move them. Like this and perhaps like the sewage plant.

One might wonder did they over see thier stay with the bio life and prefer to start over?

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if the concerned citizens of Pensacola are up on current events, but Pensacola was just recently declared the worst declining economic city in the United States. FDEP protects the quality of State waters and I would think the last thing Pensacola needs at this point, is individuals trying to make a stand on water quality and hindering industry right now. Pensacola is dead and businesses are closing we really want to shut down the last remaining industry in Escambia County? This is the kind of politics and lack of vision Pensacola has been playing for decades and look where it has got us, declared the worst declining city in America.

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