Thursday, April 10, 2008

It’s Time to Map-out the Port’s Future

In July, the lease of a port tenant will come up for renewal. This gives Pensacola’s citizens the perfect opportunity to decide what they’d like to do with the port property.

The tenant is Halcorp which stores liquid asphalt on the northeastern portion of the port’s property. Some in Pensacola have complained about the eyesores and odors in this area of the port; some don’t care about the sights and smells as long as the port makes money.

With the possible renewal of Halcorp’s lease, this is the prefect time to map out the port’s future.

We could decide against renewing Halcorp’s lease and start attracting downtown friendly ventures to the northern portion of the port property. This would remove the unsightly blemishes on our downtown landscape. The port’s management is interested in doing this.

They’re interested, but port management is also negotiating with Halcorp in an effort to get them to renew their lease. We could choose to maintain the ports industrial features, renew the lease and secure a long-term revenue source from a loyal tenant.

Now is the time for you to weigh-in on this issue and let your local elected officials know what you would like them to do with the port property. Don’t let port management dictate what will happen with the property. Our window of opportunity has arrived.


Anonymous said...

Don't count on port management making the decision.

check with the pro port council members

Chris Olson said...

How many council members do you think are in favor of renewing Halcorp's lease?