Friday, April 18, 2008

Should the City Sell Osceola Golf Course?

In his blog, Mark O’Brien notes that the Osceola Golf Course is receiving dwindling support from the Pensacola City Council. O’Brien writes, “In the past, Ron Townsend and Mike Wiggins…had stood up for the city course. But they sat silent, as did other members present” at Monday’s budget meeting.

Is the city thinking about ridding itself of the golf course?

It could be possible. Since Florida voters passed Amendment 1 in January, city government has been forced to cut unneeded expenses from their budget. In the next two years, the city will spend nearly $300,000 to run a golf course that isn’t even within the city limits. Also, people aren’t using it as much as they did in the past.

What do you think? Should the city sell the Osceola Golf Course?


Anonymous said...

Sure, Sell it off and put the expenses towards something else, like say, paying off officials screwing up? Leave it alone. Let there be golf. This is a vacation town right? Damn this place is boring.

Anonymous said...

Why sell the course. I live right around the corner of the course and every day the course parking lot is full(some days even on the grass) How can they be losing money. Prices jumpped from $26 to $35 per round last year and I don't see any improvements in the facility. The best thing it has going for it is the bar which is open late to support the DUI funds in Pensacola. And I wish they would keep thier balls on thier green vice mine. The city don't even pay for damages to personal property. The monies are going into someones pocket and not back into the course for improvements to the area(ie. putting a net around the course where homes are exposed to the weekend flying ball brigade.