Friday, April 11, 2008

Why is the CMPA Obsessed with Inclusion?

Inclusion fever has struck the Community Maritime Park Associates. In order to include more minorities on their board, the CMPA would like to expand their number of trustees to fifteen. The mission of the CMPA has been side-tracked by its new found obsession.

During today’s CMPA meeting, the trustees elected an African-American to replace Hugh King Jr. who was ousted after copping to a drug charge. It was the intention of the board to replace King with another African-American.

After including the African-American community in the CMPA, some trustees voiced their opinion that there weren’t enough minorities on the board. Juanita Scott told others, “Minority doesn’t just mean African-American or female”

That statement made me throw-up in my mouth a little bit. Where does the inclusion end?

I don’t see any homosexual midgets on the board. Where is their voice?

If the CMPA wants to include all minorities, they’ll have to include this group. The inclusion will never end if you start trying to include all minorities on the board.

The CMPA should just pick trustees with the best experience.

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