Tuesday, April 1, 2008

City Approves Demolition of Historic Downtown Building; What Will Replace It?

Last week, the City Council approved the demolition of a building in downtown Pensacola that was built in the late 19th century. The structure was battered during Hurricane Ivan and the city has since deemed it unsafe to occupy.

The doomed structure once housed an operation that built and sold supplies for ships that frequented Pensacola’s harbor.

The building is privately owned, but it’s located in a part downtown where the demolition of buildings must first be approved by the city. Due to the dangerous state of the building, the City Council deemed it necessary.

I’m fine with the demolition; I just want to know what’s going to replace it. The owner told the PNJ the current building will be replaced with “a two-story brick building with historic features.” The paper didn’t dig any deeper to find out who will occupy the new structure.

If anyone knows who will occupy the new building, will you let me know?

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