Thursday, February 21, 2008

New Political Blog Says Congressman Jeff Miller Hates Children

I don’t know why I didn’t see this blog when it first came around in August; it really flew under my radar. An organization that might be backed by the Democratic Party (i'm not quite sure) has started a blog that trashes Pensacola’s representative in the House, Jeff Miller.

The blog is real venomous; it actually accuses the congressmen of hating children. That's real irresponsible use of the word hate.

Miller voted with his fellow Republicans to leave some poor children without healthcare, but he doesn’t hate kids.

You can’t tell if the Democratic Party is behind the blog, but the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee links to it on their blog, The Stakeholder.

At the bottom of the anti-Miller blog, it says it was created by the Florida Progressive Coalition, whoever they are. You can’t tell who they are because they don’t say on their blog.

No matter who is behind the Miller blog, you shouldn’t read it. It’s just real bad. The blog demagogues the issues and makes Miller look like a tyrant.
This blog is bad politics.