Sunday, April 20, 2008

Does the Gulf Islands National Seashore Officially Oppose the Navarre Pass?

The League of Women voters hosted a forum yesterday morning at the IHMC building to weigh the pros and cons of building a pass on Navarre Beach. The environmental community trashed the plan to build it; the Emerald Coastkeepers are even threatening to take legal action if the government approves the pass’s construction.

Biologist Riley Hoggard said the pass would negatively impact the shoreline to the west of the pass’s proposed site. Hoggard said "Immediately down drift, there will be severe erosion. Navarre Beach would be imperiled."

Hoggard is natural resource specialist for the Gulf Island National Seashore. Hoggard said he was not speaking on behalf of the federal agency when he came out against the pass in yesterday’s meeting; he was not officially representing the Gulf Islands National Seashore. But, Hoggard told the PNJ that “the park is on record opposing the pass.”

Is this true? Has the Gulf Islands National Seashore officially opposed the pass in a written statement? I think he should back up his claim with proof that they’re opposed.

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