Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Did Party-Throwers Have Permit to be in Parking Lot?

In today's story, the PNJ doesn't go into much detail when they talk about why "a crowd of up to a thousand young people" showed up in the parking lot near the gate to Fort Pickens Park.

It seems as though there was going to be a hip-hop concert/party in the parking lot. The PNJ said: "Marquel Kelson, 31, a rap artist with the local group The Tanyards, said he and several other performers went to the beach about 9 a.m. Saturday to set up for a party that was to start at 2 p.m. and end at 7 p.m. But he said deputies arrived at 5 p.m. and told them to leave."

The PNJ doesn't confirm if The Tanyards had a permit to have a concert/party in the parking lot. If they didn't, defending the actions of the ESCO is going to get a whole lot easier.

All of the available evidence seems to put them in the clear.


Anonymous said...

WEAR 3 has stated multiple times that a permit was not pulled for the event. Event promoters claimed they forgot.

jeeperman said...

And also Buck Lee (SRIA Manager)in another PNJ article stated no permits pulled.
Then Lee goes on to say that having no permit is no big deal but they would like a heads up before such an event.
Which is another way of telling everyone there is no penalties involed if you do not get a permit. So why will anyone bother now that we know that?

Chris Olson said...


That's Buck Lee's way of saying: Don't worry about having a permit, but we're going to keep the right to hassle the non-permit holders that we don't want on the beach.