Friday, January 4, 2008

Traveling Highway 98 Could Get Easier, but it Won't Happen for Several Years

The PNJ has a story in today's paper that says it will be at least five years until traffic woes are alleviated on Highway 98, but projects to solve the problem are being planned.

The Florida Department of Transportation wants to widen 3.7 miles of Highway 98 to six lanes, but construction will not begin for at least five years. The widening would take place between the eastern edge of Naval Live Oaks Reservation and Garcon Bridge Road.

An FDOT official explaining the delay in construction said, "Funding is going to be a big problem." and "We're looking way down the road."

State officials are also floating the idea of building a bypass road from Navarre to Freeport that would cross Eglin Air Force Base. The road would divert traffic from the sections of Highway 98 in Fort Walton and Destin that experience heavy congestion.

It's a good thing that the State is taking the steps to alleviate the traffic problems on Highway 98. Now if only they could keep people from dieing on the dangerous stretch of road.

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