Monday, January 7, 2008

Pensacola's Taggers Should Just Take Their Business to the 17th Street Bridge

The pieces of garbage that vandalized Veterans Memorial Park are sub-human. What you did is despicable.

Some punks defiled the World War I monument and the Purple Heart memorial in the park. Black swastikas and cuss words now litter the pieces of art.

You punks suck, but I also kind of feel sorry for you because you never learned the consequences of your actions.

A recent British government study says that you can “prevent vandalistic behavior by educating people, particularly young people, about its nature and consequences.”

Are the schools in Escambia County talking about the recent spat of vandalism in Pensacola?

St. Johns cemetery was just vandalized on December 27th. Our teachers need to be talking to our kids about the hurt they cause a community when they vandalize things that people value.

Besides, couldn’t these kids just take it over to the 17th Street Bridge?

Psst, hey kids – the cops let you do it over there. Wise up.

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