Tuesday, January 15, 2008

King Lashes Out at Pensacola News Journal for Their Coverage of His Arrest and Trial

Hugh King was in a defiant mood when he was in court yesterday to plead guilty to the charge of possessing cocaine. King and a companion frequently held pieces of paper in front of the former city councilman’s face as a PNJ photog was trying to take pictures of him before he heard the judge’s decision in his case.

After the paper asked for a comment, King admonished the paper for the news of his arrest and trial, that they have been printing. “You’re still trying to lynch me. Print that.”

Whoa – settle down buddy. You’re a public figure and preacher in Pensacola that was caught with an illegal drug. You’re lucky you just got off with probation. Did you expect the paper to not follow your case?

Do you think King is trying to play the race card by using the word “lynch”?

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Anonymous said...

Hugh King and his wife play HIDE and SEEK!! The PPD found what was hid sir!!