Sunday, January 6, 2008

Is the Florida Panhandle Turning Blue?

The PNJ reports that Democratic presidential candidates have raised $44,000 more than the Republicans in the panhandle.

Not only did Escambia, Santa Rosa and Okaloosa counties give more donations to Democratic presidential candidates, most of them went to the poster-child for liberalism.

Hillary Clinton took in $100,000 from the residents of these three counties. That amount is $61,000 less than the panhandle gave to leading Republican recipient, Fred Thompson.

Is the red panhandle really be turning blue?

I’m skeptical: the panhandle’s demographics skew older, religious and pro-military. This means our area is a bastion of conservative thought.

I think the fundraising totals just reflect the popularity of the Democrats in this year's election cycle. I don’t think Northwest Florida is experiencing an ideological shift.

It’s just that Bush is an unpopular Republican because of his mistakes in Iraq. America and many in Bush’s party have turned their backs on him. This makes the Democratic brand of politics a little more popular in this years's presidential election.

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