Saturday, January 5, 2008

North Pensacola’s Medical Industry is Booming

Word from the PNJ is that a new road is being built from Bayou Boulevard to Airport Boulevard. The road will start at the Sacred Heart Hospital land on Bayou and end at the Rave Motion Picture theatre on Airport. No word on what the road will be called, but this is great news for Pensacola.

This news reinforces that fact that the medical industry is booming in Pensacola. The Bayou-Airport Corridor is teaming with employers in the medical field that are providing many jobs to Pensacolians.

Sacred Heart Hospital is the leading employer in this corridor. Most of the development near the new road will take place on land owned by Sacred Heart. This development will bring 500 to 700 news jobs to Pensacola.

Sacred Heart will be the main beneficiary of the new road, but other medical businesses in the area will prosper.

As I write, the new Select Medial Hospital’s 54 bed facility on Airport Boulevard is being constructed next to Lowes. The new hospital will be complete this month. Select Medical Hospital should benefit from being built in a prime location. Pensacolians will benefit when the business provides 200 jobs to the community.

Another medical business is developing on the new road which will be built on 110 acres of land.

Pensacola should embrace the medical industry in Pensacola and train future residents to work in the medical field.

I saw this happening at Pensacola High School when I substitute taught there in 2006. Pensacolians pursuing a career in this field will be very prosperous.

In a rare act of competence, local and federal government are working together to build the new road. City Hall is showing this area some love; they have embraced the development. The federal government is paying for the road. Sacred Heart is also chipping in to build it.

We should applaud the new development; It will lead to a better Pensacola.

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