Thursday, January 17, 2008

PNJ Columnist Says King is Embarrassing Himself and Should Resign from CMPA

PNJ Columnist, Reginald Dogan, thinks Hugh King should read the writing on the wall, man-up and resign from his position on the Community Maritime Park Association board.

Dogan is right; King should just save himself the embarrassment and resign. He should walk away from the CMPA before they are forced to give him the boot for his cocaine charge.

The CMPA hinted in their last meeting that they could be voting to oust King from the board. It is in King’s best interest to resign before he is forced to leave. As Dogan says, “If King has any dignity and self-respect left, he should save the board the trouble and resign.”

In response to the possible ousting, King is embarrassingly playing the race card to save his spot on the board. That’s just sad.

Hey Hugh – be a man and resign. It’s the right thing to do.


dt8703 said...

Ibelieve Mr. Dogan is right, and I believe for what he said to have credibility it had to be written by him, even though what he said and how he said it is true, many would have cried fowl if it had been written my O'brien or another journalist. I am a black american and I said from the beginning King should step down from the church, and the CMPA, but he is too arrogant to do so, therefore the board should vote him out. It is the right thing to do, right is right regardless.

Chris Olson said...

Yes - I am also glad that Dogan, an African-American, called out King for using the race card.

Racism is still alive in America, but that is clearly not what is going on in King's case.