Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Joe Scarborough's MSNBC Morning Show to Broadcast from Fish House

Native Pensacolian and former Florida Congressman, Joe Scarborough, will be airing his show “Morning Joe”, from the Fish House on Thursday.

If you want to sit in the crowd, be at the restaurant by 5 a.m. (when the show starts). Seating is on a first come, first serve basis.

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Mike F. said...

I have a suggestion for our elected representatives:
1) My first is to impeach them all, and put regular working people in Congress who will work in the best intrest of the Country and not the party.
2) On oil; Since the Dem's want to tax "big oil", and will probably be successful I think the Repub's should approach "big oil" and offer a voluntary program where they commit a small percentage of their "windfall profits" that would be used ONLY for converting the homes in the northeast tha heat with fuel oil to that of using natural gas. Insulation, and energey efficient windows would be included. Once those funds were exhausted for that year, the program would end, for that year, to begin with new funds on the new year. First target homes of low income, middle income, then higher income.

Just think of the jobs it would create, the air would be cleaner, and our use of fuel oil would diminish. Everyone wins. Eventually move further south, help with air conditioning, insulation, ie energy efficency for our homes.

3) Why haven't the repubs approached the unions for help in getting the Dems to support more drilling? More drilling would create more union jobs, and protect jobs in the auto, steel, and construction industry. Since the Dems have the unions in their pockets, they should be able to force more dems to support drilling.