Wednesday, January 16, 2008

PNJ Wants Paul to Resign Because DUI Story "Isn't Believable"

The Pensacola News Journal's editorial board has lost their confidence in Jim Paul; "his credibility is gone". They say he has fabricated the story of what he doing, the night before his DUI arrest. For this reason, they say Paul should step down from his position as superintendent of the Escambia County School Board. The PNJ thinks Paul lied about the events transpired that night and he should resign for doing so.

The paper says he is lying about the amount of drinks he had at the casino, the night before he was pulled over by the police for “swerving and speeding” in his car. Paul said he only had two glasses of wine, even though a breathalyzer told cops that he had a blood-alcohol level of 12%. This seems impossible for a man his size. Paul said he drank two glasses of wine in five hours. It would be impossible for Paul to have a blood-alcohol level with that many drinks in his system. Paul is not telling the truth about the amount he drank at the casino in Clearwater, FL. The PNJ is right; Paul is a liar.

They also call him out for lying about not being drunk, the night he was pulled over before a teacher’s conference near the Tampa International Airport. If Paul had that much alcohol in his system, he would have been inebriated. The superintendent did fail a field-sobriety test that night. Paul should have admitted that he was drunk the night of his arrest.

Should Paul resign for lying to the voters of Escambia County? No – I don’t think lying about the details of the night's events, warrants resignation by the superintendent. People get DUI charges everyday, and most of them go back to work the next day. The man didn’t rob a bank.

The PNJ was on point with the lying part, but they’re off target when it comes to the resignation of the superintendent.

Paul should stay on the job.


John B. said...

True, a lot of folk don't resign after a DUI arrest. But how many get to keep their jobs after repeatedly lying to their employers about it?

Chris Olson said...

You raise a question that I posed in a blog post from today. Should a person be fired for a lying about a criminal offense that happens in their personal lives, and not on the job?

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