Friday, January 11, 2008

CMPA Might Vote on Kicking King Off of Board for Cocaine Charge

The chairwoman of the Community Maritime Park Association, Lacey Collier, says that board member Hugh King should be kicked off “for conduct detrimental to the interests of the corporation.” Collier wants to vote on his ousting at the February 8th meeting of the CMPA.

The CMPA is the association that is guiding the development of the land on which the Pensacola Pelicans are going to hopefully have a stadium to play baseball.

Last April, King was busted for having a bag of cocaine in his pocket when the car he was traveling in, was pulled over. On Monday, King is expected to plead guilty to the charges of possessing cocaine.

After today’s meeting, King said he was “a little surprised” when Collier talked about the potential vote to oust him.

It would take a two-thirds majority of the board to kick King off of it.

I hope the reverend is not trying to play the race card. Responding to the call to oust him, King said he hopes it “wasn’t because I made a strong case for the funding of the Contractor’s Academy.”

The Contractor’s Academy is a committee in the CMPA that was set up to help minorities secure contracting jobs at the maritime park project.

At this point, I think pulling the race card is the only hope that King has to save his spot on the CMPA board.

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