Sunday, January 13, 2008

Holy Spirit Returns to Pensacola Church after it went Missing during Ivan

Well – no one really saw the Holy Spirit show up at the Talbot Chapel AME Episcopal Church on Saturday, it was more like a symbolic return. Yesterday, the worshiping spot was dedicated to celebrate the completion of the renovation that took place after Talbot Chapel was heavily damaged during hurricane Ivan.

The PNJ explains the Holy Spirit’s symbolic return in a story in today’s paper about the dedication of the church on La Rua and Rues.

“The rededication service Saturday morning symbolized the Holy Spirit's return to the building and the consecration of the building as the house of the Lord.”

When Ivan blew through the area, the church’s roof and floors were heavily damaged with much of the church sustaining water damage which led to a mold infestation.

The $800,000 dollar renovation was delayed by quarrels with the church’s insurance company. While Talbot Chapel was being repaired, the church’s parishioners worshipped in an annex on its property.

It’s great that Pensacola’s religious establishments are bouncing back after Ivan.

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