Thursday, May 1, 2008

Is it Time to Consider Natural Gas Drilling in Area Waters?

Klaus Gorbandt of Gulf Breeze recently wrote a viewpoint in the PNJ that advocates for natural gas drilling in the waters off our coastline. The geologist thinks there’s an impending energy crisis in America and we need to consider drilling in areas that have been deemed untouchable by our area’s environmental community.

Gorbandt writes, “Considering that natural gas prices, and consequentially home utility costs, are going through the roof, it seems the time has come to immediately and selectively lift the restrictions in the national interest.”

What do you think; should we start drilling for natural gas in the waters off the northwest Florida coastline?

I’m still ambivalent, but I know one thing; Americans won’t let environmental concerns trump economic concerns forever. If our energy situation gets too bad, we will allow drilling in the Gulf of Mexico.


Anonymous said...

I think whatever it takes to bring down the high cost of energy is what should be done. It would also help the sagging economy in Florida.

Sparky said...

I agree, something needs to be done about the energy crisis, and if it takes boosting local economy while doing it....what's the problem

Chris Olson said...

I think drilling of our coast would provide a major boost to our local economy.

Blogger said...

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