Sunday, May 4, 2008

How Does the City Council Feel About the Osceola Golf Course?

The PNJ polled the members of the Pensacola City Council to gauge their feelings about the future of Osceola Golf Course. Nine of the city’s ten council members responded to the poll. Jewel Cannada-Wynn was the only member who didn’t respond.

Of the members polled, a majority favored spending more money to re-develop the golf course in an effort to attract new golfers.

Although, the majority is rather thin; five favor re-development and four want to sell the course or give it to the county. If Canada-Wynn doesn’t favor re-development, then the City Council would be split on what to do with the golf course.

I think the City Council will remain dead-locked on this issue. The city will maintain its current funding level for the golf course, and it will continue to lose money. The status quo will be maintained.


Bill Loney said...

I hope they feel like it is none of their business. If they are going to subsidize failing businesses I got a couple projects that could use some taxpayer funds.

Chris Olson said...

After seeing comments on my blog and Gulf Coast Gab, it seems quite foolish to keep funding a venture that's losing money.

Also, no one seems interested in saving the course for the people who are using it.

It's time to sell the course.

Bill Loney said...

If they're going to use tax payers money then we all have an investment in the golf course. So we should get free golf and stuff right?

Being that I don't golf I can't use that so I think I'll use my share in the course to park some old cars I got that code enforcement keeps hounding me about.
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Anonymous said...

Wiggins (now running for mayor) was very defensive of Osceola . The city council just a few years ago threw some more money at it and even renovated the restaurant which was not a success story.

Roger Scott is another pet project that somehow gets clay courts and swimming pool improvements in one of the better areas of Pensacola. Is it losing money too?