Saturday, May 3, 2008

Congressional Candidate Joe Roberts Changes Party - Again

Joe's latest party change really baffles me. Why did he change his party again? He was a Democrat, then he decided to have no party affiliation, and now he's a Republican.

By doing so, he basically disqualified himself from running for Congress in this election cycle. If he would have done some research, he would have found out that he had no time to qualify. Roberts changed party afilliation the day before the deadline to qualify for the Congressional race. Didn't he do his homework before changing his party affiliation to Republican?

I want to give Roberts some credit as just being a really passionate candidate, but I'm starting to think the guy might have a few loose screws in his head.

Although - I do have respect for Roberts; he’s standing up for what he believes in. Don't give up the dream Joe! Having new voices in our electoral process is good for our democracy.