Thursday, March 27, 2008

Walker Free to Run for City Council; PNJ Made Grammar Mistake

On Tuesday, I suggested that Bob J. Walker should reconsider his bid to run for City Council after he made a major grammar gaffe when talking to the PNJ about his candidacy. Walker no longer has to reconsider it because the PNJ misquoted him.

A couple days ago, the paper quoted Walker as saying the current City Council is “too beholding to special interest and they’re not doing what they’re supposed to.”

If Walker really did say beholding, it would have been a peculiar choice of words because it means to perceive with your eyes. Like I did, I’m sure everyone assumed the wanna-be councilman meant to say beholden.

Walker was vindicated in today’s PNJ when the paper reprinted the same story they ran on Tuesday, but they replaced beholding with beholden. The PNJ corrected their mistake, but didn’t note that the story had been corrected.

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