Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Pensacola City Council Shouldn’t Short-Change the Charter Review Committee

Last night, the Pensacola City Council begrudgingly approved the Charter Review Committee's $50,000 budget. Some council members approved the CRC budget after griping about Pensacola’s money problems and reminding everyone that the city is enduring a budget-crunch.

Councilman John Jerralds wants a “cap” on the Charter Review Committee’s budget “to not let this thing get out of control.”

Mr. Jerralds – the CRC budget is no where near getting out of control. Rick’s Blog says that most cities give their Charter Review Committees at least $300,000. Some get even more than that.

So, why should we give the CRC more than $50,000?

The CRC has to pay witnesses who are experts on city government to help them write Pensacola’s new charter. It’s pertinent that the experts are paid because the charter review process should guided by people who know how local government should run. That’s the real reason for reviewing the charter.

Pensacola needs a streamlined city government that runs efficiently and meets the needs of its people.

The charter review process is vital to improving Pensacola. If the City Council cares about the future of Pensacola, they should give more money to the Charter Review Committee. It would be worth the expense.

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