Sunday, March 16, 2008

Tourist From Georgia Drowned Off of Pensacola Beach

Photo Courtesy of Barrier Island Girl Blog

You hear about these incidences all the time in our area. A tourist goes into the Gulf of Mexico when there are warnings of rough surf. Expectantly, they get caught up in a rip tide and drown in the waters. It’s normal, but it usually doesn’t happen this early in the year.

Today, a 27 year-old man from Georgia was killed when he drowned off Pensacola Beach. A low-pressure weather system that blew through Northwest Florida is to blame. The weather whipped up the surf in the gulf.

How do local authorities stop the tourists from drowning off Pensacola Beach? Does the island need more warning signs?

I think no matter how many signs the SRIA puts up, the drowning will continue. Some tourists just won’t heed their warnings.

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