Tuesday, December 11, 2007

No Decision on Springfest Funding

If the SpringFest board has to rely on the city for funding, the yearly concert might never happen. The City Council hasn't even decided where the money will come from or the format of the concert.

Due to recent budget cuts, some members on the council are concerned about having to fund the event every year. SpringFest organizers say that the city doesn't need to worry about this because they won't need money every year.

The SpringFest board has requested $50,000 in funding. This is substantially lower than the $125,000 that they had originally requested.

The City Council floated the idea of funding SpringFest with money that will come from the Community Redevelopment Association. But if the funding comes from the CRA, they want SpringFest to be not one concert, but a series them.

I have a suggestion for the SpringFest board. Due to the lack of leadership on the Pensacola City Council, I would start looking for corporate sponsors to fund SpringFest.

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