Monday, December 10, 2007

Does Pensacola Really Have a “Use” for the De Luna Statue?

The Park We Already Have is Fine

The main problem with statues is they just sit there; you can’t do anything with them. Sure, they are interesting to look at for ten fleeting seconds, but is the De Luna statue going to be something that we will actually seek out in order to view it? For most, the answer would be no because well, you can’t enjoy a statue for more than ten seconds.

Call me crazy, but I don’t want to pay a large sum of money for something that I am only going to enjoy for a few brief seconds. The statue has no tangible uses for the people of Pensacola. You can’t “do anything” with a statue.

We don’t need the statue because the City of Pensacola has already put aside enough money to build a magnificent park in the heart of downtown that features things you can actually use. This money has gone towards things in the park that we will actually be able to enjoy for hours, or at the least minutes.

Fishing and the fountains will be the main features of Plaza de Luna Park that will draw Pensacolians to it. Citizens will hopefully be able to reel in a monster redfish from the fishing area of the park. Children will be able to cool themselves in the fountains on a hot and muggy day in August. These amenities in the park are something that we can actually use.

Without a use, the De Luna statue is just an unneeded and expensive extravagance.

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