Sunday, December 9, 2007

The “Accusations” Against the Owner of Cancun’s are Crazy

The owner of three Mexican restaurants in Pensacola Gulf Breeze and Navarre has been charged with trafficking cocaine and meth into our area. Rogelio Galvan Chavez is also accused of employing illegal immigrants. Chavez is screwed because the Feds have a mountain of evidence against him. He’ll never see the light-of-day.

Chavez’s operation had gotten deep. The PNJ says that on Monday, “investigators found an undisclosed amount of cocaine stashed in a bag of potatoes at the restaurant”.

To catch Chavez in the act, authorities employed the help of a “snitch” that worked at the restaurant. Informant Alejandro Hatem-Hernandez also ran drugs for Chavez, from Atlanta to Pensacola. Hernandez and Chavez had been close friends for over ten years.

Only the Navarre location of the restaurant is open at this time. Fifteen illegal immigrants that worked at the restaurants are already in the process of deportation back to Mexico.

Expect for this story to rile-up Pensacola’s put-up-a-fence crowd. This story could possibly get national attention.

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